“you truly are this”

September 7, 2016 Posted by

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!All questions are for the mind, as are all problems.  Again all problems are problems of relating, that is are relative to a position where as the solution is always to recognise your true nature as pure being itself… “You truly […]

“all suffering comes from not knowing”

August 2, 2016 Posted by

Here’s a way of looking into the insecurity that is set up in a human life from a non-dual perspective – paraphrasing Sailor Bob Adamson.  Before a child learns language life may be experienced as the flow of one.  As the baby grows the child is taught it is a separate “i” with a name.  There is not […]

“all we have to do is look”

July 20, 2016 Posted by

The study of non-duality can become a distraction from the truth of being as much as the search for meaning itself.  How so? Because the answer which has been said cannot be found in thoughts, words, concepts or ideas.  Nobody can give this to us.  Nobody else however seemingly “enlightened” has it anymore than you […]

“everything arises in awareness and peace is letting it all be”

July 7, 2016 Posted by

Even when one has seen through the separate self “I” thought the thinking may continue to be a hook as the energy is fallling off.  The idea of seeking for the awareness to show us more of who we are may still come up.  One may even believe that the focussing on awareness is what […]

what if all psychological fear was fear of feeling?

June 30, 2016 Posted by

Since having done Vipassana Meditation years ago, I discovered just how remarkable the body/mind is.  The inbuilt intelligence of the body to respond to the mind and the way the body can dissolve energy blocks.  Later I studied Thought Field Therapy and became equally astounded to notice how emotions are caught in the body’s energy field […]

“recognising the fact of your being is true freedom”

June 20, 2016 Posted by

  Sessions available for wellbeing coaching and spiritual mentorship Well, today is the day.  I am very thrilled to announce that invitations are open for my beloved subscribers, friends and visitors who may have any concerns, issues or questions. This is an offer of life coaching and or energy therapies plus now bringing in the potency of […]

“who you truly are why even talk about this”

June 20, 2016 Posted by

yep.   recognising ones true nature there is freedom    as John Wheeler puts it..”the whole game is to recognise the fact of your being that’s the whole essence of it” no more needing external validation no more seeking as seeking infers a someone doing something…just stop and be what you are what you are is whole and […]

There is only This Present Moment

June 9, 2016 Posted by

Language is full of dichotomy. Language and thinking of their basic nature is divisive, analytical and therefore intrinsically deceptive when it comes to uncovering the truth of oneself.  The use of words and labels is to define, distinguish and clarify meaning yet language also serves to spiritually shatter what intrinsically is cohesive and whole.  If you […]

All Suffering Comes From Not Knowing Our True Nature

May 24, 2016 Posted by

Welcome once more to Peggy’s Muse, a blog which was initially begun to highlight certain musical, lifestyle events and to explore the spiritual side of life in relation to self awareness, environment and sustainability.  The nature of the blog has swung significantly to the description of the search for one’s true nature and to find […]

You are what you long for

February 8, 2016 Posted by
You are what you long for

I’ve been interested and drawn to the topic and the messages of non-duality or advaita for a few years now and the resonance is particularly evident here with Unmani‘s reply to an enquiry of what her main message is.  As a speaker and guide Unmani assists in deconstructing beliefs and protection mechanisms that interfere with […]

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