Testimonials from the healing codes users

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Readers interested in self-healing and personal growth who want more information on The Healing Codes, a very effective physical and emotional energy healing tool, this is the page for you.  I wanted to post a variety of success stories as well to encourage those of you who are wondering whether the healing codes work .  Although the developer of the healing codes Alex Loyd states that the healing codes do not actually heal in and by themselves, practising the healing codes as advised will release deeply held stresses in the cells and the result of practising the healing codes as described in the manual will as a by product allow your body to heal itself of many illnesses both physical and emotional and spiritual.

It will vary as to how quickly you personally will get results, but be assured that whenever you apply the healing codes you are addressing the root cause of your issue (that is underlying stresses held deep in the cells) and the more you persist with the process the more likely it is you will be addressing not only your most pressing issues, but you are also rebalancing any other unconsciously held stresses/cellular memories.  In fact a number of testimonials attest to how various symptoms disappeared while doing the healing codes for a completely different problem.  Definitely a nice kind of added benefit and positive side effect.  In fact this is how Dr Alex Loyd first became alerted to the breadth of application of the healing codes.  He used the codes initially in his practise for his clients with psychological/emotional issues then over time a number of them reported how various long-standing physical problems were disappearing.

Please scroll down for testimonials from people who have used the healing codes for various physical conditions or read on for more information about the process and using the healing codes for your self or for others.

Healing Codes system supports deep emotional and physical healing guaranteed

The healing codes system is simple yet deep reaching.  The most important thing to remember is you just have to be consistent with doing them every day especially if you have a physical problem that has been with you for a while.   I have owned the healing codes now for just over three years.  I have personally had wonderful results using the healing codes with releasing stress, anxiety, anger, pain and mild depression.  They are tremendous for neutralising negative emotion and I have found them to be such a blessing for dealing with fears and relationship issues as they arise.  I also use the healing codes for distance healing for my elderly relatives and with my children with growing pains and toothaches etc.

There are two ways to do the healing codes on others:

1.  Do the Code on the same locations of the person instead of on your own

2.  Do the Codes on your own body with the intention of it being for the person that needs healing.  When you have done the Codes place your hands on that person or animal and say “I release this healing to you in love”

You can do the codes on yourself and release them to whomever you wish to help, whether they are close by or in another part of the country or globe, or do them directly on another person if they are open to it.  I am always astonished by the rapid relief I experience from stress, frustration and negativity.   I truly love the healing codes and although I am also trained in reiki, thought-field therapy and quantum touch, I tend most often to use the healing codes as I feel the results quickly and there is a great advantage in having a very detailed symptoms index to really hone in on any particular problem from the manual.

Super effective self healing tool

I have personally found the healing codes invaluable as a reliable healing resource for myself, my family and close friends as well.  I am grateful for the day I was recommended them by a friend and they have definitely not disappointed.  It is a great feeling to have a genuine method of self healing with a built in maintenance and preventative health system quite literally at my fingertips.  Initially I also felt assured knowing I was given a solid twelve months to trial it all out thoroughly and to see if I liked the system and if it was right for me.

More information on the healing codes products

If you would like more information you can find resources and further information about this healing system directly from the Healing Codes Product Site (it is a straight forward information site without any hype or hard sell which is a nice contrast from some of their sales pages, the only real downside to this product in my opinion).   Also please check the Resources tab on this blog for more information on how to do the peace healing code which I demonstrate and which may demystify the process for you. The video is about 8 minutes long.  Feel free to comment below or ask me any questions at all.  Thanks for reading and being here, I hope this post is of some help…Cheers and blessings Peggy.

Success Stories from Healing Codes Users

“I had a melanoma (cancer) come up on my upper thigh. I called Dr. Loyd and told him that I would either be healed by doing The Healing Codes, or I would die. I was not willing to go through chemo. While doing the Codes my melanoma got consistently smaller until it finally fell off – after only 6 weeks. I AM ALIVE AND WELL!” ~ Lorea

“I had been having chest pains and pain down my arm that had worsened over a several month period. I am middle aged and weigh a few more pounds that I would like – I was sure I had a heart problem. After doing The Healing Codes for about 10 days, all of the pain went away. The thing that impressed me about this system is that it not only heals but seems to do it permanently. Almost two years later I still have no discomfort.” ~David

Food Sensitivity, Joint Pain, Weight Loss

“WOW — The Healing Codes is everything it claims to be and more! I have been working with the program for just 2 weeks and the results have been dramatic. I chose, as my first issue to work on, “food sensitivity.”

Over the past couple of years I have developed a strong physical reaction to the intake of any wheat products, i.e., breads, cereals, pastas, etc., dairy products; i.e., milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheeses, etc., and even some fruits and vegetables. It made eating a very tedious, boring and stressful activity. Every once in a while I would make a mistake and eat something containing one of the aforementioned ingredients and my eyes would go haywire on me, with tearing, itching, burning and swelling for a week or two at a time.

It was extremely taxing on my energy, productivity and mood. However, within just 2 or 3 days after beginning my Healing Codes exercises, I began to experience a noticeable change. My eyes started to clear up and my vision began to improve. My energy level greatly improved and I began to feel more upbeat and ambitious. However, there were also some incredible ancillary effects taking place, as well. I am 69 years old and the wear and tear of old sports injuries, such as a dislocated shoulder and damaged knees, hip ankles, and elbow had taken their toll.

Chronic pain was just a normal part of my day. My joints gave me fits when I worked out or walked up and down stairs. But now my shoulders, hip and elbow pain have literally disappeared, my knees still pop and make a lot of noise when I walk up and down stairs but the pain has diminished every day and has been virtually extinguished. I have been able to return to my normal heavy intense workouts of nearly 30 years ago and I feel great and energized. As well, I feel that my brain is working much more efficiently and effectively. I thrive on generating new ideas for my business, and my life in general, and now ideas are flowing like running water.

Wow, it feels Great! I have even lost about 5 pounds without even trying or thinking about it. The bottom line is that anyone who takes themselves, their life, their health and their well-being seriously will, without question, want access to this program. It’s simple, easy, powerful, and far outweighs in value and results the modest investment. It is without doubt the best system I have seen for one’s current and future well-being. It has been one of those rare, but gigantic turning points in my life! And, yet that still feels like an understatement.”
~~ Walt

Please scroll down this post to read more healing codes success stories.

The Twelve Healing Codes

I will summarise here from the healing codes manual, but remember that the process itself is very simple and takes only minutes to do.

The Healing Codes address twelve main categories of healing for you and are divided into two types.  Basically there are three major inhibitors to healing which are Unforgiveness, Harmful Actions and Unhealthy Beliefs.  These must be removed from the heart and then the nine Core Healing Virtues are instilled into the heart.  Each category heals that unique particular issue and has its own specific codes and timings.  The nine virtues are Love, Joy, Peace Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Trust, Humility and Self Control.

Two healing codes for each unique issue in each category

When you define the issue you wish to work on you will notice there are two codes assigned in each category.  These are to be used during all phases of your healing work.  The healing codes will ask you to direct energy from you fingertips to the designated healing areas on your neck and head.  There are clear descriptions and illustrations for you of the locations of the healing centres and your hand positions in your manual.  No special training is required, as you get all you need with an introductory DVD or sound file if you buy the digital download version which you can ustilise immediately.  You will soon realise your own body’s natural healing abilities enhanced by the The Healing Codes through the release of any held stress.

You can instil your energy system with virtues of joy,love, peace through your own bio energy. The reason I have been so drawn to the various energy healing modalities, and I have studied a number of them, including reiki, thought-field therapy, quantum touch and EFT is the fact that its all about self reliance and then prevention of onset of any further disease .  If we do indeed honour the immense inherent intelligence of our own physical systems often we will find that so much of the work is simply bringing the body back to balance by removing the blockages of energy.  This energy is in various states of crystallisation depending on how long we have had the symptoms and how long our unhealthy beliefs have been in operation in our lives.  In relation to The Healing Codes people now  have an amazing opportunity to directly instil a number of the primary positive life qualities directly via the codes.  These according to the Healing Codes manual are the nine primary virtues that make up everything that is true, excellent, holy , courageous, beautiful, lasting, admirable or praisworth…  If for example you feel that a major concern for you in life is a lack of discipline you would choose the Self-Control category to instil the quality.  Or you might be wanting to feel more joy in your life in which case you would practise the Joy codes.  Many people by doing the healing codes often also find that other non-related symptoms spontaneously may also be erased.  Have a look below at some of the testimonials from happy healing codes users for more on this.

The Healing Codes Products range use this link.

Testimonials from the healing codes users

Suicidal Depression

“Suicidal depression had forced my family to make major changes out of their fear for my well-being. I had no energy, no desire for life, and everything seemed like a mountainous chore. My husband is an M.D. but he was at his wits end – we had tried everything. I was very skeptical when I heard about The Healing Codes, but I was more desperate. In less than two weeks my depression was completely gone. Not only could I not believe it – no one around me could either. Now my entire family and a number of friends do the exercises – some do them everyday, some when a need arises. The Healing Codes has truly been a gift from God.”
~~ Mary

Driving Phobia, Performance Anxiety

“I have had a phobia of driving in heavy traffic which I treated with EFT. I found the phobia would return whenever I was in very heavy traffic, especially at night. I would go into a panic attack while driving, which is very frightening. While in Nashville I worked on this issue with The Healing Codes exercises. On the way home I had to drive 10 hours in heavy rain through the mountains with no visibility. I made it home without any bit of anxiety. Since then I have realized that this was not only affecting my driving, but also was a part of my life in many other areas as performance anxiety. I now find that I am very relaxed in every area of my life. The picture relating to this issue involves a neurotic nun who humiliated me in grammar school. Bless her heart! ”
~~ Maryanna

Lower Back Pain

“I was almost finished with the fence I was building when I bent down to lift one of the 4 by 4’s.
When I straightened up, I felt a sharp, excruciating jolt in my lower back. I immediately
dropped the board and fell to my knees. Eventually, I managed to rise to a crouch and begin a
long, painful journey upstairs to my bedroom. When I finally made it into my bed, I was able to
find a lying position where the pain was tolerable.

I remained in this position for about a half hour when I began feeling another urgent sensation
– the need to urinate. Much to my dismay, I could not sit up without knife-like back pain.
Finally, I managed to roll over on my stomach and inch down off the end of the bed with
movements that reminded me of a caterpillar. On my knees now at the foot of the bed, with my
upper torso still resting on the bed, I found that this new position was not a solution; in fact, I
had increased the threshold of pain, through which I would have to go, in order to stand up.

With nature demanding my immediate attention elsewhere, I had no choice but to lift up
through the back pain and crouch into the bathroom. The pain was so bad when I made the
upward move that I remember seeing a flash before my eyes. When my wife returned home,
she called our doctor and he prescribed several prescription painkillers and muscle relaxers.

After two days on the medication, I was only marginally better. It was then that I called a friend
from whom I had heard about The Healing Codes. Skeptical though I was about an
unconventional treatment, I was also beginning to despair.

My friend arranged a conference call during which Dr. Loyd gave me three exercises along
with advice on how to use them. After one day, my pain had subsided dramatically (I had quit
taking the medication because it wasn’t working). After three days it was gone almost
completely (I only had a minor “crick-in-the-neck” type feeling) and I finished the back yard
project. Since then I have not had a relapse and have continued to lead a normal active life.”

– John


“I’ve been using The Healing Codes for some time now, and the first time I started using it, I had a very bad pain in my heel. I had been to the doctor, and they said it was a little bit of a bone spur and a few tendons pulled and a few other things. By that time I’d had it for something like 7 or 8 months. So I started doing these Healing Codes and it went away in 3 days and it has not come back. Since then, I’ve used the program and I’ve seen a dramatic change in a couple of minor issues, but also emotionally. It seems to have a very good effect emotionally on me. And it’s very easy to use. What I particularly like about it is you don’t have to depend on anybody else. You can do it yourself. You can heal yourself, and
I have known many people who have used this and have had similar success. So I’m very enthusiastic about it and wish a great deal of luck to the people who are promoting it.”
~~ Joe Sugarman


“I mentioned a slowdown in income and it still, as of this moment hasn’t begun to show up (as of this moment, but who knows what the next moment will bring?). However, I am delighted to report I am not in a panic, heart palpitations and all that. In fact, I feel quite relaxed, peaceful and expectant which is very, very different from the past.

If it weren’t for The Healing Codes and the other Spiritual Studies I’m doing, I’m sure I would be most depressed at this point. There’s something inside of me saying all is well regardless of what I SEE—it’s what I FEEL!!!

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Joy and now I’ve moved into Peace—“I am learning to take in life without effort”—Wow! Not beating myself up!!
–Donna M., California

Success Codes

I am an owner of the success codes, and really feel that this technology is what the world needs today. Alex Loyd will go down in the history books as one of the greatest innovators in energy healing within our generation, without a doubt.

~~ W. Colquitt

Loving, Resentment and Forgiveness

“When we got The Healing Codes…we did the twelve day thing, and then I came back and went straight to diabetes, that is Category 1. And what I’ve noticed is the blood sugar has not changed all that much, but what I have noticed is I tend to be more loving! I just feel more loving, I’m not holding resentment as long, forgiveness comes to my mind almost immediately. It’s just really wonderful and I wanted to share that with you.”


School Problems

“Matthew had always been happy and eager to go to school but near the beginning of his fourth year he became resistant to going to school and constantly concerned with his pick up from school. Mathew’s situation progressed over the next couple of weeks to crying every morning before school. Soon to follow he began to cry at bedtime in anticipation of the dreaded chore of going to school the next morning.

“This situation quickly progressed to the point I could not drive up to school and Mathew get out of the car due to his tears and almost hyperventilation. I had tried everything and could not get anything from Mathew as to what was causing his resistance to go to school. All Mathew would say was ‘I don’t know’. This severe change in behavior only occurred in relation to going to school.

“I began to park and walk Mathew into school. Still there was no improvement and we were now into November. Mathew’s respiratory rate would increase the closer we got to school and then he would start to fret. The closer we would get to school he would start to cry. We would enter the school his heart would race, he was crying, pale and would get weak legs. I would desperately try to console him without any success. All Mathew would say to me was ‘Mommy I am trying, I can’t help it.’

“Before school was out for the Christmas holidays, I had attended school with Mathew for more than two weeks, all day and everyday. (I was fired from my job.) This did nothing to help Mathew at school. He would not let me out of his sight while at school. I did not know what to do and had never felt so helpless in my life.

“A friend approached me with the concept of the Healing Codes and thought they might be the answer to Mathew’s distress. Matthew was eagerly cooperative to begin the Codes. My friend’s coach customized a set of Healing Codes for Mathew and I started doing the Codes with him 2 times each day. By the time Mathew started back to school after the holidays there was almost no resistance to going and being at school. By mid-January Matthew declared he was completely healed and was happy to be back and going to school! This has been demonstrated by Mathew arriving at School happy and waving good-bye to his Mom with a smile on this face. I was a witness and a participant in seeing a Miracle happen with this little boy!”

~~ Vicki D.

“I have increasingly been troubled with upper arm, shoulder and elbow joint pain. It has been gradually getting worse over the past 6-10 months. I had resigned to the belief that when a
person gets older that is what their lot is. Therefore I didn’t try anything to alleviate the pain. I
have a high pain threshold and found it more annoying than painful. About three weeks ago I
received the package from The Healing Codes to work on Tendonitis. I read through the
Manual and found it to be clear and helpful and began doing the exercises immediately. The
intensity I was experiencing was at an 8 out of 10. Nothing changed for about three days.
Then I began to notice less pain, as I would raise my arms above my head. It continued to
gradually get easier to lift my arms and do things in a raised position that had been either
difficult or downright impossible before. After three weeks the intensity is down to about a 2
and at times a zero. I feel about 75% better in my arms and shoulders. This gives me a new
lease on life – especially around my beliefs about getting older. Thank you.”


“I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. In no time I had gone from a very
successful business owner to bedfast and bankrupt. I was told by my naturopathic physician
that one of the major causes was heavy metals in my body. This did not surprise me since I
knew of some exposure through my life to heavy metals and I had read that this could cause a
variety of illnesses and diseases.

My physician ran a diagnostic test and personally wrote on the printout that I had the highest
concentration of heavy metals in my body that he had ever tested. I tried everything to get rid
of them but nothing seemed to make much of a difference. I knew that some experts believed
heavy metals could not be removed from the body by anything.

I did The Healing Codes exercises with Dr. Loyd for about three months and was feeling much
better. I went back to my physician and had the test for heavy metals run again. The physician
wrote on the printout that I had the least concentration of heavy metals in my body of anyone
he had ever tested. Shortly after that my disease was completely healed. The Healing Codes
is the most effective treatment of any kind I have ever seen – and I have the test results to
prove it!”

– P.C.


“Right after I learned how to do The Healing Codes exercises, I made a list of 20 or more
issues I wanted to heal, because as practitioners, we had been charged to heal ourselves.
This list included chronic fatigue syndrome, seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, childhood
sexual abuse, PMS, irritability, low self-esteem, etc, etc, etc!! They have all healed!!! And
some of those unhealed pictures healed in a day or less when they had not done so in well
over 10 years of therapy. I didn’t think there WAS healing for some of that stuff! But I’m
happier than I’ve ever been! And I’m thrilled whenever I can share this with someone else.”

– Jeanine

A Healing Codes Skeptic is Skeptical No More

I was skeptical…a patient had brought a book in to me to read, I thought to myself, okay another book. I can’t read all the stuff I need to, now she wants me to see if this “gimic/whim” will work for her. She hadn’t even read it herself! But, for some reason this time I did. Before I would try anything on anyone, I have to see for myself.

For months I had hot flashes, pain all over and especially in my neck since having meningitis.  So I tried a simple thing.  The universal code (is what I call it) and simply stated over and over to myself “I am accepted, I am loved, and I am forgiven”.  Not thinking much more about it I went to work. It was a few days later that I realized, I wasn’t tossing and turning in the night, my pain was essentially gone, I didn’t have anymore hot flashes!  It was then  that I decided to finish reading the book, downloaded all the info I could and am helping everyone I can, including a friend who is in end stage lung cancer who never smoked.  I pray this will work for her, and plan to teach that patient when she comes back.

I believe this is a pathway to God’s healing for many. Thanks Alex for listening to God, and God for revealing this truth to him, and for sending that patient to me.

Donna Dabney

Also for more information about The Healing Codes Products range use this link.


When you work with the manual from the Healing Codes you can choose for yourself how to best utilise it. You are given choices and suggestions for best practise but really you are encouraged to use your intuition to prioritise which particular issues you work with and in what order.  There is really no way you can get it wrong, except for simply failing to do the codes at all.  They will always work for you.  The Problem Reference Chart at the back of the manual lists a comprehensive set of physical and also emotional issues in alphabetical order for you to refer to.

use the memory picture finder to heal unhealthy beliefs and destructive memories

This is an optional step.  You can use this if you do not have a clear or pressing issue you want to work with already.  First you are asked to identify your feelings about a problem that is bothering you the most.  Next you bring up your strongest and or earliest memory of a time you felt an emotion similar to it.  Then by doing the code corresponding to the closest issue in the index you are working with not only your conscious but also clearing any unconscious negative pictures as well.


If you want to know more about how the healing codes work , I write in more detail about the healing codes and releasing stress at this post here.

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15 Responses to “Testimonials from the healing codes users”

  1. Bob Mathews

    Hi. I am BOB, 65 years old and starting to learn about the healing codes, Want to ask questions about how to administer to myself and others. I have an old dog that could use a little help also. Would like very much to hear from you. Thanks. BOB


    Peggy Reply:

    hi Bob,you can do the healing codes on yourself and “intend it or give it” to others or to your beloved pet its the same process. You just have to isolate the issue and do the appropriate code with open heart and it will do its work.


  2. Margaret

    I have been doing the healing codes for approx. 3 months. I was concentrating on forgiveness. Last friday I have forgiven and felt elated. Since then I have been relly depressed, crying all the time and unable to sleep. Is this normal or is there something else the matter? I would appreciate some advice. Regards Mgt


    Simon Reply:

    Hi Margaret,

    Since I started to do the healing codes, I have had bouts of severe depression with heaviness on the chest. It reminds me of when I was a child and was upset about something and would feel heaviness on the chest / heart. Ususally, after a few days, when I least expect it, I will break down and sob for about 5 minutes. After the depressino is lifted and I feel elated. I’m certain this is a detoxification (energetic and physical). Keep going – I’m sure you will feel better soon.

    Much love.



  3. hi Mgt, best attitude to take is to allow the flow of energy in motion, that is the emotions will rise. Under the forgiveness issue its likely what is happening is other held associated issues in the heart for you. The next code to apply for depression would be “joy”. continue in this fashion with any other emotions or physical symptoms that come up. The emotions and issues are present in layers and will release in the same way. Keep the faith, it is definitely working. Once the issues are released, that layer is gone for good. Best wishes and thanks for writing in.


  4. yennie

    Since the healing codes were revealed to D. Alex Loyd by GOD, why does he have to charge fees to “share” with us. God didnt charge him anything.


    Peggy Reply:

    I guess you could say the same thing about every “gift” each one of us is given Yennie. Really one needs to decide whether we feel the fee is reasonable to us…you get one year to try the technique…which is extremely generous. Best wishes to you.


  5. Alan

    I have been doing the code from the book for about a year for a swollen testicle,and damaged eyesight,to no avail.it is very disappointing,is there anything else I should do,or just carry o.n.Any help would be much appreciated.


    Peggy Reply:

    Alan, if you would like some personal coaching on this please message me. best wishes Peggy


  6. Debra

    Hi there, how successful is distant healing. Have you had any personal success with healing people some distance away? thanks


    Peggy Reply:

    Hi Debra, thanks for your question. I recently had a stunning demonstration of how successful remote healing can be. Sending the Q2 healing codes as well as rallying support from AA Michael and the higher self of the person to whom I was directing the healing to, my father. After an urgent phone call from my sister across the other side of the continent some 3000km in West Australia I heard the news that my father was in hospital with acute pneumonia. The doctors had warned her he would likely not survive as he has been a long term emphysema sufferer and on oxygen permanently. When I put the phone down I immediately began sending remote codes for goodness and peace and asking my dad’s higher self and soul to be open to a miracle if that’s what he wanted. I kept sending the heart energy with detachment for the highest good until I felt the charge diminish and had a sense that the healing was complete. I then went on with my day, leaving the outcome to be what it was. A little later I heard from my sister again saying that Dad had been transferred to a regional hospital and that the emergency was over and he was ok. The doctors had said he had made a sudden improvement and they can’t understand why he did. A few weeks later my sister ran into the doctor in her local supermarket and again he expressed how he was shocked my dad survived that night because given his condition. Both my sister and I believe it was the healing codes that made that difference. Today some months later my dad is still improving and has been making an effort to get his fitness back.


    Debra Reply:

    Thank you so, so much for sharing. That gives me so much hope as I have, two days ago started remote healing on my father & was a little concerned it wouldn’t work as I haven’t been able to come across any reviews for remote healing.
    That is such a wonderful story & is just so exciting. I will ask for AA Michael’s assistance now & will also ask my dads higher self to be open to the healings. Thanks again for this wonderful fast reply XX


  7. Joseph Theroux

    Can the healing code be effective for elderly patients. My mom is 94


    Peggy Reply:

    Hello Joseph, The healing codes are effective and as you see there are many testimonials stating how they have helped people with all manner of symptoms. Truly age is no barrier. The healing codes can assist the physical and emotional being with applied consistently. Dr Loyd said: “We encourage you to do the healing codes on others and allow others to do them for you. We have found the effectiveness of the Codes to be greater when done by someone out of love”. Best wishes, let me know if you have any further questions. Peggy


  8. hi,
    I use greengeeks


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